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1 RULES FOR KULTS CAL LEAGUE on Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:32 pm


Must wear "// Kult" tag unless you are playing in a *Scheduled* Cal league match.

Pre-match Thoughts and Measures:

-The less “talking” you do the better
-commands and information only
-Only call what you know for sure
-Good information to give your teammates
-always give a location for:
-# of opponents
-position last seen
-what weapon are they carrying/firing
-did you hit them
-if dead read off hit points left
-nades that have been thrown
-count the number of nades thrown to account for them if necessary
-Imagine you are your opponent, what would you be doing
-then don’t act on it
-advise your teammate what might be happening, and let them make the next move, because you are going to have a biased decision of the situation

-unison attacks almost never fail
-conserve nades
-don’t double smoke/flash the same spots
-(listen for) FIRE IN THE HOLE!
-watch where and when your teammates throw nades
-Have a long term memory
-most players are subject to habit
-learn to recognize death zones
-and be able to construct a way to beat those points
-i.e. smoke/flash/cover-fire
-group nade throws
-if you kill the whole team count and register the weapons
-use this information
-i.e. if the stop buying nades/awps they are going broke
^kult^ | Yoda^Fitz: Team Layout and Weapon Buys:
-manage team cash
-type money after each round
-i.e. 5k or 2500
-let your team know when you have one full buy left
-based on a loss of current round

-if all you can afford play 2 man team strats
-i.e. group buys
-one member buys full nades
-one member buys smg + armor
-this 2 man team needs to work together to take weapons off of the dead
-cooperation and teamwork
-the SMG member of the 5 man team will have enough money for rifle and awp buys as necessary in the later rounds

-smoke under your feet, never throw a smoke beyond where you can run by the time its full puff hits
-unless its being used to distract
-flash in the air, a flash on the ground is less effective
-HE nade – toss to explode in the air at head level for most effect
-never throw one nade unless you know the target is damaged
-always throw at least 2 he nades in unison

Two Man Team Dynamics
-never reload at the same time
-run/walk in unison
-one player flashes at a time
-trade using your flashes
-while one flashes the other covers
-when attacking hidden opponents

-one will fire for affect while the other gets into an effective firing position
-call cover
-always know where your teammate is looking and look the other way to cover each other
-call out the locations you are watching when in a defensive position
-call out the locations you will be firing on in an offensive move
-always choose overlapping positions to cover all members in a defensive position
-know the body count
-you may need to shoot thru a teammate in order to save a round
-i.e. one opponent left

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